The is an amazing machine that can help you to cut different styles of designs. many people purchasing the Cricut machine don’t know to set up it. So in this blog, we have made the procedure easy and errorless. The steps starting right from the connectivity till the first cut on the Cricut machine are explained. So let’s see the Cricut machines in detail.

What are the different types of machines?

There are 3 different types of Cricut machines mainly the Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, and Cricut Explore. All of these 3 have different specification and works in 3 different ways. So let’s deep into the details of each Cricut machine.

Cricut Joy

It is a small and compact Cricut machine. It can be carried out wherever you require. The machine can cut 4.5 inches wide and is about 4 feet long design. Also, it can cut 20 feet of repeating designs. The Cricut joy machine doesn’t have any buttons. It has a tray that needs to open and the user must have the material to cut inside the tray and give the command to cut. Bluetooth is the only connection available for it. It does have the writing feature but does not have the print and cut feature. There is a single pin provided. And of course, it’s quite cheap than other Cricut machines. It can cut the cardstock, sticker paper, vinyl, and also the HTV which makes it a great machine. There is a fine pointer blade and any writing

Cricut Explore

Also called Explore Air 2. Both options of connectivity are available for this device i.e. Bluetooth and wired USB connection. A dial is provided on the upper side to select the material to cut. A cartridge reader is one of the special features that the Cricut explore device contains. It warns you as soon as the ink in the cartridge finishes. A separate button is provided to open the top and bottom of the machine. It can cut around 11.5 inches wide and 23.5 inches long material. A mat is required during each cut on this machine. The machine is compatible to print and cutting. Various types of blades are provided such as Thick cut and fine cut blades. A double tool holder makes it unique. A lot more storage space is provided. It can cut around 100 different materials.

Cricut Maker

It can cut around 300 different materials. This means that rarely any material exists which cannot be cut by this machine. There is no need to band any fabric with this machine as you need in the explore. 12 tools and blades are available for this machine. manual lifting of the lid is required and the buttons are available inside the lead. There is a large space provided at the upper end as well as at the front lid. There is a USB port on the right side to connect your mobile phone. It has 10 times more power than the Cricut explore.

So this is all about the Cricut machines and you need to select the device suitable for you. So let’s see the common procedure to set up your Cricut machine.

Cricut machine USB setup

The USB cable is available in your box of the Cricut machine. Just take this wire, remove the polythene and unfold the wire. Just take this wire and then start the process;

  • Take the USB cable.
  • Put the USB end into the USB type A slot on the Cricut machine.
  • The USB slot is present at the back end for the Cricut Explore and Cricut joy.
  • But it’s on the right side for the Cricut maker machine.
  • So plug the other end into the USB slot of the type A port of your pc.
  • Now check the connection stability by entering into the Cricut design space application.

Note: In the advanced version of the maker machine i.e. Cricut maker air 3, you get the connectivity option of connecting the machine with the charging cord. So use it to do so and the charging of your device will also run simultaneously.

After seeing the connectivity options let’s install the application and set the Cricut design space application for your devices.

Setup your Cricut machine for windows device:

There are three main steps involved and they are;

Connectivity type:

Both Bluetooth or USB connections.

Downloading the Design space:

  • The design space is available on the web link.
  • You need to visit the link using a fast web browser.
  • Then the next step will be selecting the Cricut machine and its model of it.
  • The final step is getting the software downloaded by clicking on the download button.
  • That’s the downloading process.

Installing the application:

The installation step is not actually existing in the process. But the user needs to double click on the downloaded file. Also, the user needs to give the installation permission. Then the application of the Cricut design space will automatically install.

Creation of the Cricut ID:

Now the Cricut id needs to be created and the user can get the account after it. So for this;

  • Open the Cricut desktop shortcut file.
  • Then select the Cricut setup option from the two options i.e. Cricut setup and login.
  • Then again fill-up the form as required.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Enter your full name of yours.
  • Then create a password for your Cricut id.
  • Select the country of residence as United states.
  • Then finally select both the checkboxes and then go for the create Cricut id button.
  • Within a few seconds, the Cricut id will be created successfully. 
  • This process will be simpler for all the devices and you can use this account on every or any device you need to set up.
  • The email address entered and password created is useful to log in.

Cutting the first sample design:

After creating the id the first step is to check the connectivity and give the continue permission by clicking on the continue button. And then comes the sample cutting process and that is as follows;

  • Here you need to select the design.
  • For eg., You select the elephant design from the provided samples.
  • Then you need to open up the upper lit as well as the front lid of the Cricut machine.
  • Then you need to insert the pointer lid tool into the slot provided on the Cricut machine.
  • The next step is to insert the material to cut.
  • You need to select the material either from the round button provided on the Cricut machine.
  • Here you need to understand that the use of the cutting tool must be done according to the material to cut.
  • Finally, come on the device screen and then click on the continue button.
  • Here again, click on the go button, or just by clicking on the go button of the Cricut machine, you’re set.
  • The machine cuts the design within a few seconds.
  • You need to remove the paper and remove the cut with your hands.
  • Check whether it’s clear or with any error.

Is the Cricut design space available for the android system?

Yes, the application of design space is available for the android system. The application is of few MB and to install the application and start working with it follow the steps given below;

Download and install the application:

Go to the play store of your android mobile and they search the Cricut design space here. Install the application and wait till it’s ready to open. This is the download and installs step.

Setup of the Cricut design space:

Open the application. Click on the setup Cricut button. Then create the Cricut id. If have the Id, then log in using it. Finally, the Cricut device is ready to make the first cut.

First, cut on Cricut machine:

Select the design. Then click on continue. Select the material and then select the pointer. Finally, click on the go button. This will make the first cut for you using the android smartphone on